Shield MotionSense Review

Everything Beauty, Launches By Apr 01, 2016

I hardly ever review deodorants on here. Over the years I have received plenty to try out but nothing really was worthy of a post. To me deodorants are habitual purchases, they aren’t all that exciting and majority of people tend to stick to a brand they are familiar with. Habitual purchases, like tampons, toothpaste and deodorants are generally products you know exactly what the product you use looks like and where to find it in store and pick it up without putting much thought into the competitors. I’ve stuck with the same brand for about 13 years and before that it was the Impulse phase (remember those?!). However when I heard about the Shield MotionSense range it sounded different from all the rest advertised these days and I wanted to give it a try and a chance. Shield MotionSense is the world’s first anti-perspirant with unique microcapsules that are activated by movement.

Shield Motion Sense

Shield Fresh Confidence MotionSense is actually a really impressive deodorant though and I especially love the roll-on. I am a roll-on girl though and all too often once I’ve applied my regular deo I have to wait a while for the roll-on to dry before getting dressed but not at all with the MotionSense. It dries very quickly, leaves no residue and has a delightful fresh scent that won’t clash with ones perfume.

What makes the Shield MotionSense range so unique is that it has patented technology which provides 48 hour protection from body odour without the need of having to re-apply . The microcapsules are activated by movement and burst with freshness the more you move so you can enjoy living. Shield MotionSense is available for both men and women in anti-perspirant roll-on (R28.99) and as an aerosol (R28.99).