L’Oreal Age Perfect Cell Renew Range Review

Everything Beauty, Reviews, Skincare By Apr 16, 2014

I really do love the direction that the beauty industry is moving in when it comes to aging and L’Oreal is leading the pack with their new Age Perfect Cell Renew range. Their belief is that at 50 everything starts again…”50 is no longer seen as the age most women becomes grandmothers but as fulfilled, sexy, working women. They take care of themselves. They know that they are attractive and look for the best cosmetic products to make sure that they feel good with their age and in their skin. For them L’Oreal Paris is re-thinking anti-aging….”

With that powerful statement in mind and the absolutely beautiful Julianne Moore as the face of this range it is exciting that there is a range specially designed for women between the ages of 50 and 70 which is scientifically proven to improve cell renewal.

As we age cell renewal slows down and mother cells, the youth source for your skin, aren’t able to fully express their regenerative power. Fewer new cells are created. This causes a visible lack of toxicity and radiance as skin loses its vitality from deep within. L’Oreal Age Perfect uses Natecium, an alliance of active of natural origin, which protect the mother cells to favor intense cell regeneration.


The range consists of…

Age Perfect Cell Renew Restoring Day Cream (R225 for 50ml)
This is lovely, light moisturising cream accelerates cellular renewal and helps to regenerate and Replump ones skin. It also contains UVB FPS 15/UVA PPD ++ protection to prevent the skin from solar radiations.

Age Perfect Cell Renew Regenerative Night Cream (R225 for 50ml)
This cream although thicker than the day cream literally melts into ones skin as if it were drinking it up. Skin feels firmer and stronger after use.

Age Perfect Golden Serum (R225 for 30ml)
This interesting serum actually uses the Cell Vitality Stimulator System to regenerate the skin and induce cellular metabolism. It can be used daily and contains subtle gold Micro-Reflectors to counter dullness and create a youthful glow.

As part of the Age Perfect range L’Oreal also have included a facial oil… Age Perfect Extraordinary Oil (R225 for 30ml). Since I don’t fit in with this range’s target market I asked my mother to test out the product and give feedback. She said with products such as the oil the results were immediate after use, skin felt softer and more hydrated. After two weeks of constant use of the full range she saw visible results such as firmer, more toned skin with an extra glow. I did however, try out the Extraordinary Oil. Along with the rest of the beauty world I am a bit oil obsessed and love that immediate nourishing effect that oils offer.

L’Oreal Extraordinary oil claims to have over 1001 uses and that just 3 drops are enough to cover the face and provide intense nutrition.

The oil consists of a unique blend of 8 essential oils:
Lavender- which has an antioxidant protection benefit
Marjoram- Ant-bacterial properties
Rosemary- Anti-bacterial properties
Geranium- Soothing
Rose- Tone Improvement
Roman Chamomile- Calming Properties
Orange Peel- Collagen Protection
Lavandin- Promotes collagen and elastin

The oil is incredibly lightweight and ones skin “drinks” it up with ease, making it ideal to use under ones moisturizer. The scent is also divine with top notes of orange and bergamot with deeper middle notes of jasmine and geranium and base of vanilla, cedar wood and sandalwood.