L’abeille Body Products Review

Everything Beauty By Apr 19, 2018

It’s not often that one falls in love with every aspect of a beauty brand. Local brand L’abeille (pronounced La’Bay meaning the bee in French) manages to achieve that however with incredible products that really work, are well-priced and the amount of thought that is put into every product is exceptional. I mean I’m even in love with the packaging and their special use of Miron Violet Glass which offers the unique ability to maintain & preserve the bio-energy of the contents through protection from light. This means your actives remain active. Something many brands don’t seem to focus on especially locally.

They are endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty. The high performance ingredients are used at the correct & most effective %, as used in their in-vitro & in-vivo testing, & are scientifically proven in their claims. No fillers are added to their products, & every ingredient has a purpose in the formulation to keep the product balanced, safe & results driven.

I have been testing a few of their products but as you know with skincare especially, I like to be thorough.I did however want to give a special mention to their face Jade Roller which has changed the way I feel about washing my face and applying all the creams etc. It’s meant to be used after applying your concentrates & serums to help increase absorption of your products, so that they can perform better & provide optimal results. It also helps to give your face a massage and honestly I didn’t realise how tense my facial muscles are until using this. You can even pop it in the fridge and use it to reduce puffiness in the face and under the eyes. Also at R320 it’s well-priced for a Jade Roller and is of extremely high quality.

This body oil is so divine, the L’abeille Conditioning Body Oil helps with cellulite especially when used in conjunction with the Jade Body Roller like I did. Although even as just a body moisturiser it’s fantastic. L’abeille Conditioning Body Oil Micro-algae extracts boost collagen & elastin production to promote a more toned & supple skin. It’s also packed with omegas, antioxidants and a luxurious blend of African oils which help nourish the skin.

After applying the L’abeille Conditioning Body Oil use the Body Jade Roller. Always concentrate to focus on the problem areas in order to increase micro-circulation, and assist in breaking down cellulite & fat. The needle like texture on the roller allows it to reach deeper, stimulating elastin & collagen production, breaking up cellulite & helping to erase those unwanted dimples. It can also be used on tired and sore muscles. So far though I’m loving the results and can’t wait to share their other products with you soon.

For more info on the brand visit their website and for stockists and trade enquiries in the Western Cape contact paul@globalenergetics.co.za