Mavala’s Travel Kit

Everything Beauty, Hand/Nails, Reviews By Jul 23, 2013

When it comes to nail care I am obsessed. Taking care of my nails has always been supremely important to me. Ever since I made a New Years Resolution back in 1996 to stop biting my nails, I swore to take better care of them and boy, am I glad I stopped that nasty habit. Now my nails grow obscenely fast and playing around with numerous different polishes is the only thing taking its toll on the health of my nails.

Mavala is a nail care brand that is dedicated to the science behind nails. Every product they offer has a primary function and you know you are using well researched top quality products. Their travel kit consists of a very sleek simple monogrammed pouch with slots inside to hold your Mavala sized nail polishes. It also contains a hand cream which was my only gripe with this kit. For one the hand cream was pretty basic and didn’t compete with my Crabtree & Evelyn hand therapy creams in terms of moisture or absorption. Also the sample hand cream was so tiny I used it up in two applications which is why it isn’t pictured below.

On the plus side and there are many…it contains the 002 Double Action Protective Base which amazing. It protects ones nail from the pigments coloured nail polishes (which can cause that nasty yellow look). It also helps to prolong your manicure. I find when I use a base and top coat my manicure will remain chip-free for an additional 3 days.

The Minute Quick-Finish top coat is such a time-saver and will help speed up the drying process as well as help maintain your mani.

Then we have the Cuticle remover. My current bad habit when it comes to nails is picking at my cuticles, I simply can’t help myself but by using a cuticle remover (albeit sparingly, cuticles are important to an extent) it has helped deter this habit slightly. Simple brush on, leave for a few seconds then wipe away using one of the manicure sticks provided wrapped in cotton wool.

Included are two manicure sticks, a pack of mini emery boards and as previously mentioned the hand cream. Another handy component which is obviously ideal for traveling is the nail polish remover pads pack. Just use one side per hand, hold down firmly on your nail and then gently slide away the polish in one movement.

The travel Kit retails for R600

Do you have any personal favourites from Mavala?