Going with The Flow Lookbook

Outfit of the Day Posts, Style By Jul 09, 2018

Some days, weeks or even months everything works out perfectly or at least appears to be running smoothly but as soon as one becomes complacent the universe seems to shake things up a bit. That’s the ebb and flow of life and one has to remain tenacious and believe that things will balance out yet again. I wasn’t planning this “lookbook” in fact it’s not much of a lookbook. I decided to take some snaps along the promenade and when I got out the car and reached for my jacket, I realised I’d taken an old one that’s cropped. Meaning the proportions look all wrong but you know what I took them anyway and kind of love the windswept vibe. Stay determined and stay resilient in every part of your life and things will work out.

Disclosure Ranking: 1