Finding Balance in the Blogging world…

Opinion, Personal, Wellness By Oct 21, 2019

Life is about balance right?

So why does the SA blogging world feel so out-of-sync? 

For every non-Cape Town based event invite, I first ask if they willing to sign a paid post contract (This obviously would have to be in-line with my brand and readership) and fly me up. 

Often if it’s not worth my time or relevant to my readers. Then I ask the PR’s why even fly “influencers” up and every single one said that these “Influencers” are cheap and will post a lot to feel special. 

When did it become more about posing and fronting (yes, I see the irony in this post) then putting out content and information which is not only evergreen but also relevant to one’s readers/followers? 

What is your opinion on this topic? I’d like to know your thoughts.