Essence Launch Their Mood Fragrances This Month…

Everything Beauty, Fragrance Reviews, Reviews By Mar 06, 2014

Essence will be launching their range of mood fragrances at Dis-Chem this month. There will be 6 in the range varying from fresh “Like A Walk In The Summer Rain” to sweet “Like A Day in the Candy Shop”.


Essence is the one range that I wish was around in SA when I was younger. It offers young women and teens the opportunity to feel pampered and feminine without ever breaking the budget and by budget, I mean by pocket money budget standards. What woman doesn’t love fragrance even Coco Chanel said “A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future”. Perhaps that is a little extreme but what she means is perfume has the ability to set your mood and if you are wearing something uplifting and fun such as Essence’s “Like a Trip to New York” then you are bound to feel a little more determined and happier every time you catch a waft of your perfume on your skin.

The lovely team at Essence sent over two of the fragrances for me to try out… Like A New Love and Like A Trip To New York.

The bottles are all the same and I like that the glass feels heavy and gives off that luxurious parfum feel.

Like A New Love is a subtle pink in hue and the scent is sweet, fresh and youthful. This is young love in a bottle. With a modern, romantic floral blend of tangerine, grapefruit, peony, peach and rose with deeper base notes of coffee, chocolate and vanilla. I like how even though the scent is sweet it isn’t over bearing but very soft and subtle. Surprisingly this doesn’t mean it fades fast in fact for a R90 fragrance the scent lasts steadily for several hours.

Like A Trip To New York is resonated with me immediately. This is a fragrance I would happily wear on a daily basis. It is cheerful and fruity with the promise that excitement is in the air.

It is a spicy citrus scent with bursts of grapefruit, cardamom and apple blended with sensual rose and thorn apple layered on a base of cedar wood, white wood and amber. Once again this scent is fairly long lasting and I like that the grapefruit lingers on a little longer than the others making it a thoroughly fresh invigorating fragrance.


All fragrances are available from Dis-Chem,

• 50ml – retail price: R89,00 each
• 10ml – retail price: R45,00 each