Esse Refining Cleanser Review

Everything Beauty, Reviews, Skincare By Apr 10, 2014

Esse recently sent me their new Refining Cleanser to try out. It is suitable for normal/combination skin types but is especially great for those with oil-prone skin and since my skin is currently experiencing a stress related bout of breakouts it couldn’t of come at a better time.

I have actually been using it as a mask first then as a cleanser. To use as a mask simply apply to dry skin wait 10 minutes then rinse off with water. The reason it works so well as mask as well as a cleanser is that it contains bentonite clay which helps to remove toxins and clogged pores. Clay is my secret weapon for “blind” pimples, you know those nasty painful little pimples that appear overnight and last days before coming to head. Well clay helps to surface any of these as well as blackheads. Esse Refining Cleanser

I adore the citrus scent of this cleanser and have been very happy with the mattifying effect. Skin is left matte and soft but never tight or overly dry. In fact I don’t even feel the need for toner after using it. This is thanks to the Kalahari Melon which is high in moisturising essential fatty acids.

I would not use this on a daily basis unless your skin is very congested. Only because it can be quite a mission to wash away fully, the formula is a thick green (from the clay) it does however foam slightly making it easier to wash away than an actual mask etc. When used simply as a cleanser and it is applied to wet skin then it is far easier to wash off.

Esse Refining Cleanser retails at R190 for 150 ml and one can visit their online store for a list of stockists