Donna Karan Woman Fragrance Review

Everything Beauty, Fragrance Reviews By Nov 07, 2012
A couple weeks ago I attended a fabulous launch at a beautiful villa in Camps Bay.We were introduced to the new Limited Edition Michael Kors fragrances as well as the new Aramis fragrances whilst indulging on delicious snacks.

We were then lead upstairs for more bubbly and to finally sample and see the latest Donna Karan fragrance WOMAN.

The first thing one notices is the bottles appearance, a very unique take on a perfume bottle.

The bottle is a representative of the connection between art and sculpture and fragrance.
Zaha Hadid designed the bottle which was inspired by the curvature of a woman’s body:  voluptuous, mysterious and irresistible to the touch. The result is a sculptural silhouette that reinforces the individuality and sensuality of a woman.

Finally the scent, it is very striking. the best way to describe it is, you are a powerful woman in a an industry dominated by men, you want to make a strong statement show just how strong a woman can be but not lose the essence of being a woman.
Just like a woman, the fragrance is a dichotomy of softness and strength
 Masculine notes appear mixed with heavy white floral, a confident vetiver base enthralled by creamy orange flowers. 

It is a really divine fragrance and great for days when you need to feel stronger.