Creightons Volume Pro Range

Everything Beauty, Haircare, Reviews By Jul 05, 2015

I wish that I had discovered this product years ago when I was madly obsessed with achieving Serena from Gossip Girl’s beachy voluminous hair. It is incredible! Creightons Volume Pro shampoo and conditioner contains a Pro Vitamin B5 complex to improve the strength of ones hair, wheat protein to help thicken and retain moisture and sea salt to add thickness and texture.


The Creightons Volume Pro shampoo (R49,95 for 250ml) really, really cleans ones hair and foams a lot. I’ll be using this one in future as a clarifying shampoo as I like that even though it removes all the oil and build-up from each strand your hair isn’t left feeling too dry or stripped of moisture.

The Volume Pro conditioner is a weird one. The formula has a very strange almost watery chunky texture and the first few times I used it I spilled quite a bit. But…don’t let this put you off because it does a great job at providing texture and volume.

After allowing my hair to dry naturally the first time I did have a bit of frizz but this is normal for my hair type. The other times I used it I used my hair dryer only and dried from underneath. The volume is amazing and I really will recommend this product for anyone wanting soft beachy hair. It is certainly not something I would used every time that I wash my hair but I know I will be using it a lot in summer to create effortless surfer-girl locks.

Creightons is available at Pick n Pay stores nationwide.