Colgate Optic White Review

Everything Beauty By May 01, 2013
I recently wrote about the exciting competition Colgate Optic white and Cosmpolitan SA are holding where you can win the opportunity to be on the cover of Cosmoplitan SA magazine and a R20 000 shopping spree, and how some select beauty bloggers were invited to create their own mock Cosmo cover well here is the behind the scenes video…
We were gifted with this awesome make-up train case as well as the Colgate Optic White range to review.

The toothpaste promises that your teeth will whiten by 1 shade in just one week of use… I am a huge fan of whitening toothpastes and will happily pay over R50 for a toothpaste so when I saw this one retails for only R15,99 I was a little skeptical to see whether it could live up to that promise.

I am pleased to say that it does on fact do it’s job and works if not a little better then the pricier stuff on the market. It contains little granules that help to polish stains and leaves ones teeth feeling super clean. It has a nice consistency too and the flavour doesn’t make me feel nauseous afterwards (something I find with other affordable brands). I am thoroughly impressed with this toothpaste and will be popping it in my shopping cart from now on and save almost a third in price!
The mouthwash is also very pleasant and contains no alcohol which is amazing. It does contain 1% Hydrogen Peroxide which helps to whiten ones teeth even further. For a big bottle it costs R44.99.

The toothbrush retails for R43,99 and is pretty good for a non-electrical brush. It is ergonomically designed so fits ones grip perfectly. The key factor is that it has 360 degree oscillating bristles thereby giving one the effect of an electric brush when brushing. I found my teeth to feel wonderfully smoother and it removed all plaque. Another cool feature is the tongue scraper on the other side of the head which is always a plus.