It is so beautiful to see the leaves cascading down in their burnt hues and to smell the crispness in the air. I am finally in full on study mode with exams less then two weeks away. I am also as stressed out as can be but find that stress truly motivates me and that I actually enjoy exams to an extent because I like being challenged. I don’t think anyone should settle for just being content and complacent. Perhaps that is simply my A-Type personality. I am however, supremely grateful and thankful for being able to study and for all that I have in life. So I never take it for granted. I do hope to finish with my studies this year and by studies I mean numerous courses and my degree. I am busy with my final set of subjects for my Bcom Degree in Retail Management, am half way through a Web Design Course and am planning to embark on a Copywriting course at UCT in June.
Top- Cotton On
Leggings- Cotton On
Bracelets- Sass Diva
Heels- Mr Price
Handbag- Mango
p.s Please excuse my lack of smiling in this post, I was staring at a glaringly bright sun for the most part and was partially blinded hence all the squinting!


  1. LOVE the heels. Amazing what one can find at MRP these days!

  2. WOW !! This post left me drooling over your heels 🙂


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  6. Your pants are looking fierce, looks so good with those shoes! And I want to raid your candy bag (drools).

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  7. Loved your pants!

  8. Love the pants and heels! 🙂
    Follow me and I would love to return the favour. 😀

    Anushka Makar

  9. Here are the links! Thank you very very much! I love your blog, your pics, everything!
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    I hope you like!!

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