I try out many different beauty products and well some may get more attention than others I don’t always expect people to comment on a new eye shadow which I may be trying out or wearing. Lipsticks, yes but eye shadows don’t tend to stand out as much, in the palette perhaps but rarely do I have people straight out asking what eye-shadow I have on (fellow beauty bloggers aside, we’ll ask what primer one is wearing!). Without fail however, each and every single time I wear eye-shadow’s from the Absolute Rose Palette in 010 Frankie Rose To Hollywood I am asked what I’m wearing. At R89,95 for 6 shades it is incredible value for money and dare I say I find myself reaching for this palette more often than my Urban Decay Naked 3 palette when I am in the mood for rose shades and subtle shimmers.


While the shades are nicely pigmented I do still like to use the Catrice Prime and Fine Eye-shadow Base first before applying any eye-shadow. The entire Prime and Fine range is really good and if you have oily eyelids and find that eye-shadow tends to clump in the creases of your lid by mid-day then a primer base is advisable.

The lipstick I tend to pair with this palette is the Catrice Luminous lipstick in 120 Wood Rose Propose (R69.95). Aside from the super cute name the lipstick shade is a lovely rich understated red that is perfect for the cooler months.


  1. These colors are very elegant and delicate 🙂

    Bisous from France,

  2. The shades are so pretty!!


  3. The shimmer scared me off from this palette in store TWICE, but I’ve seen so many people posting gorgeous looks from it. Regrets, I have a few.

  4. Delicate is a great way to describe these! They make for a very soft, feminine eye.

  5. I wanted to do a look with them but thanks to flu the only look I am rocking at the moment is Zombie!

    I have come to love fine shimmer shades just applied on the middle of the eyelid to “wake the eye up”.


  6. Aren’t they just!


  7. So interesting!

    Alice Cerea,

  8. These colors are all so pretty!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

  9. i love catrice nail polishes. but eyeshadows are not impress me at all.

    better than yesterday by Albina van den Berg

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