Bio-Therapeutic BT Cocktail Review

Everything Beauty, Influencer Events, Reviews By Jul 19, 2013

About a month ago I attended the launch of Bio-Therapeutics’s BT Cocktail and no it isn’t a new drink on the market what it is is a three-part product system. The system is designed to be used over a 30-45 day period and I thought it would be best to test this product out for the full 45 days. Whenever I test a new skin care cream or serum I will use it daily for at least two to three weeks as with most products you can only truly see results after daily use for an extended period of time.

So back to the BT Cocktail, the formulation has a very scientific approach but is fundamentally quite basic when it comes to using what natural properties and scientific elements it provides. It focuses on cellular energy and when used in conjunction with the LED and ultrasonic technology can yield rather dramatic results. I used it on its own and already saw an overall improvement in my skin tone and a more natural healthier glow. Well I don’t have any acne and at 23 years of age I am hardly an anti-aging advocate I still saw a remarkable difference. What I liked about the formula was that even though it has three parts depending on your skincare issues you can adjust what cream or gel to use or whether to use all three in conjunction daily.

Step 1 or Energy 1 is the Ampoule it contains licochalcone which is a sebum regulator and therefore helps to reduce oil. I did feel that over the period of use I needed to use less mattifying powder. This ampoule also contains ingredients to increase cellular respiration and oxygen to consumption as well as the amino acid Ergothioneine which is a powerful antioxidant. I am a huge fan of amino acids both essential and non-essential and feel they are often overlooked when it comes to skin care so seeing this as an active ingredient was a huge plus for me.

Step 2 or Energy 2 is a Serum. This contains an antioxidant which is said to provide 100% ozone protection factor which helps to protect our natural supply of Vitamin E and C. At first I was not fond of the serum as it actually has more of a watery gel texture as opposed to the typical serum feel. This ended up being my favourite of the three steps and I grew to love the fast absorption and refreshing feel of the gel.

Step 3 or Energy 3 the cream, this is your anti-aging fighting stage whereas the other two are more preventative this is the pro-active step. This cream contains a combination of two peptides which help to enhance the production of Laminin and collagen. I don’t usually use creams on my skin and will opt for the gel or oil free option rather than a lotion so I thought this would be too heavy for my skin. I used it every second day and found this worked perfectly for my skin and didn’t overwhelm it. I definitely felt an overall firmness of the texture of my skin and loved that this also contains Phytoquintescine to prevent against oxidative damages.

For more in-depth information on the science behind this brand’s technology you can visit their site here

The Bt-Cocktail retails for R1596,00