Yesterday was Bastille Day and so in honour of that I decided to don a French inspired outfit. Obviously I wouldn’t be caught running around in a beret so Celine will have to do. I suitably took these pics at a wine farm and wanted to include some vineyard shots but after a couple of glasses of red wine and a stroll down a hill in my heels I realised just how soft the ground is in between the vines and my heels ended up sinking backwards constantly hence the now ruined muddy heels.

I am also up for the Fairlady Best of Beauty blogger award and while my site has been going through many changes physically I sure do hope the content is worth a vote. Public voting counts 20% and one can only vote once. Just click up on the menu bar link or down below on the Fairlady BOB image. Thank you so much!


  1. Great outfit and congrats on the nomination!

  2. LOVE those heels! Pity about the sinking-into-the-grass incident. Stiletto hazard!

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