Babor ReVersive Anti-Aging Cream Rich

Everything Beauty, Reviews, Skincare By Mar 25, 2015

I was sadly unable to attend the Babor ReVersive launch but Babor was kind enough to still send me their incredible ReVersive Anti-Aging Cream to review. I received the Rich one (R2783) which is ideal for dry skin, if your skin is more oily to combination then they do offer a regular ReVersive Anti-Aging Cream (R2560) as well.


I couldn’t wait to try out the cream and started using it the day it arrived (hence the couple of scuff marks on the container, whoops). I had yet to look at the press release and therefore hadn’t seen the price. After 3 days of applying it morning and evening I was already impressed with how soft my skin was and how luminous it appeared that I decided that it was definitely time to check out further details about the ReVersive the range. This cream is pricey, let us be honest here it is a lot to spend on a daily cream but the question is “is it worth it?” and after 3 days without being influenced by prices or details and by simply using the product daily I could already answer that question with a definite YES.

Babor using innovative technology to create their products and their Research and Development centre has created an exclusive precision formula exclusively for ReVersive.

It contains 4 high-performance active ingredients:
Telovitin- This helps to keep cells younger for longer and is actually based on Nobel Prize-winning technology (who said beauty can’t be smart). It combats aging at its source is able to extend the life cycle of skin cells.

Agicyl- This multi-functional ingredient activates defenses against skin aging and also stimulates the longevity gene SIRT-1 which helps to boost the skin’s detoxification process and neutralise free-radicals.

Lumicol- Creates luminosity and radiance. I really saw this after the first use and after a week of use I was actually receiving comments on how my skin was “glowing”. This is all thanks to this powerful ingredient which is extracted from micro-algae and can actually activate a protein which is able to destroy dark marks and pigmentation on the skin.

Epocyl- Provides a smoother canvas for your skin and works in a similar way to silicone’s in primers as it forms a film which visibly fills in wrinkles and uneveness. However, it is a lot healthier for the skin as it is obtained from plankton and has a multitude of other benefits which silicone’s certainly don’t.

These all work together as a powerful effective formula which also smells amazing thanks to the essences from the unique Babor rose that is used to fragrance the Babor ReVersive product range. To read more about the range or find a list of stockists you can visit the Babor website over here.