Avène PhysioLift Night Review

Everything Beauty, Other, Reviews, Skincare By Mar 02, 2017

The team at Pierre Fabre sent me a monster big box of press drops featuring all of their brands product staples. It was a 2017 New Year Survival kit and a very clever way to introduce press to the brands and their top products. Among them was a ELANCYL Cellu-Slim lotion which I actually use daily so I was happy to have another bottle of that. You can read my very honest review on the ELANCYL range and see the before and after pics over here.

They also sent two products from the brand Avène- An SPF, which I’ll review separately as I have yet to trial it properly, and the PhysioLift Night cream. For years I dismissed the need for a night cream as my skin is naturally quite oily but recently, thanks to the lovely ageing process,and turning the corner into my late twenties I’ve found my skin now requires something richer at night.

Firstly, yay for the fact that the Avène PhysioLift Night cream is in a pump-action bottle so all those active ingredients will be properly maintained. Secondly, when I read that it had a balm texture I imagined it to be similar to Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour cream. Fortunately it is much lighter than that and doesn’t sit too heavily on the skin. You can feel that your skin is absorbing it but at a slower, more effective rate. It’s said to provide rejuvenation throughout the night. The Smoothing balm helps to reduce deep wrinkles and firm ones skin over regular use. I actually saw a difference to a deeper line that I have on my forehead. It appears less “deep-set” and the area is firmer overall. I also like how luminous it makes ones skin appear overall.

Avène PhysioLift Night cream retails for R429.95 and is available from Dischem stores.