Lookbook- Not According To Plan

Outfit of the Day Posts, Style By Mar 06, 2017

Some days things everything works out so incredibly well and other days it feels like everything and anything that can go wrong will go wrong. After 5 (this year will be 6!) years of blogging I still enjoy adding a small dose of fashion to the site. I am no model however and shooting lookbooks can still be daunting which is why I’ve started being more natural in my approach to them. I’ll leave the editorial looks to the modelesque fashion bloggers and continue to share my looks in my own way. Also they are usually mostly about the accessories as I am trying to save and not spend so much on clothing. Another “real” thing about my fashion segments is that I buy my clothing, I could never wear something authentically on the blog that was on loan or appro.

Sometimes though lighting can be public enemy number one and white washed looks are all that you turn out with along with a constant battle between Cape Town’s wind and your hair! And you know what, it’s okay if things don’t always go according to plan. I actually quite like the contrasting effect of the colours in this look and the slight windswept result too!

Shirt- Zara
Necklace- YDE
Handbag- 4Flavour
Jeans- Studio W