Yummy New Lip Butters from Labello

Everything Beauty, Makeup Reviews, Reviews By Oct 03, 2013

I can be incredibly fickle when it comes to make-up, skincare and basically every kind of beauty product except for lip balms. With lip balms I am supremely loyal to one balm. I have been mildly swayed by other brands but no one else has managed to take the place of my Number 1 balm up until the new Labello Lip Butters released. Besides being so wonderfully moisturising they also come in delicious flavours which sways my heart towards them even more.

The cute little containers with a smooth, almost matte-effect finish make them easy to open and slide off. The formulation glides on but doesn’t ever feel sticky or gloopy. My lips feel hydrated for quite some time afterwards and I don’t feel an urge to re-apply every 20 minutes as with many other balms.

Raspberry Rose is so divine. The smell is delicious and I drool just thinking about it, it is sweet but also perfumey thanks to the rose. This scent is very decadent and I have found that it helps to curb sweet cravings as my brain seems to register that I may have indulged already just from smelling the scent wafting off my lips.

If there is a fragrance in this world that I am most drawn to it would be vanilla. The vanilla and macadamia variation is scrumptious too. The vanilla scent is believed to calm anxiety and stress. It is known to be the top scent that instantly calms the mind and I have been applying this variation whilst studying.

As you can probably tell from my above emphasis on the fragrances the actual scent of each is very powerful but the balance of rose added to the raspberry and macadamia to the vanilla really do balance the flavours and prevent them from becoming too overwhelming or icky. However, for those who prefer a neutral scent Labello offers the Original which as far as I can tell smells like absolutely nothing at all but still provides absolute moisture.

While there certainly is one for every taste at only R29.99 (available at leading retailers) why not pick up all three! This is such a bargain for quite honestly a really good quality product and we all know just how important a lip balm is for priming ones lips in preparation for all of Summer’s bright lipsticks.