Winter Wishlist

Everything Beauty, Fashion & Beauty- Online Shopping, Style By Apr 26, 2013
Part of me is really looking forward to the colder months and layering up in warm stylish clothing. However, I am beginning to feel the cold icy chill in the air and the darkness lingering far too long in the mornings and far to early in the evening and I become rather disconcerted by the fact that winter is upon us here in the Southern Hemisphere. Even though this past week we have had sunny days with high temperatures it still doesn’t quite feel the same. So here are a few items on my winter wishlist to cheer me up.
1) The Celine Trapeze in all different colours, currently out of my budget but fortunatelyBlackcherry a local brand has some very beautiful look-a-likes that are of great quality and well-priced. Whilst I do not condone copyrighting designsBlackcherry has addedthere own look to the style and copied more the shaperather then a carbon copy. The shape is wonderfully practical for those who so often lug around textbooks, notebooks and laptops in their handbags.2) Celine again, ah yes you have stolen my heart! I adore this Celine t-shirt and have quite enjoyed seeing all the ways bloggers have styled it, a simple white tee but with a logo that portrays so much. I am so happy that my Celine tee has arrived from the UK so technically I can tick this one off my list. I am rather fond of the YSL one too but have yet to find a legit Ebay site selling it.

3) On duller days we all need a little more makeup to brighten up ones face. This limited edition Clarins palette (R375) is so pretty.

4) MAC baking Beauties launches soon and even though it is technically a Summer collection who says we have to stick to the rules.

5) When Winter arrives it is time to throw the silky La Senza camisoles to the back of your lingerie cupboard and break out the comfy albeit a little less attractive pajamas. This year the Onesie is leading that pack and Woolworths has managed to prettify it up with this super cute neon pink and animal print pattern. Perfect for study sessions on cold days too.

6) Still on my wishlist a year later the Marc Jacobs rose gold watch, it is so beautiful and the only thing holding me back from buying it is that I am awful at telling the time. Embarrassing I know, but perhaps it has something to do with my ambidexterity as when I look at it I read it in the opposite direction (I can also mirror read).