Fleur du Cap Bergkelder Selection Reds are Ideal for Winter

Exploring South Africa's Winelands, Food, Lifestyle Section By May 28, 2014

Winter is a time for crackling fireplaces, cosy blankets, delicious comfort food and of course red wine. I love to indulge in a glass or two on a cold winters evening and have been slowly stocking up and creating a mini wine collection for winter….my version of hibernation. So when Fleur du Cap sent me some wine from their Bergkelder Selection I was very pleased, especially since I am already a fan of theirs.


Bergkelder Selection Merlot 2012 is your easy drinking velvet soft kind of wine. Paired with a wide number of dishes it’s versatility is always a crowd pleaser. I like that it is more of a full-bodied Merlot and holds itself well with spicier dishes. Think Cherry, prune and plum aromas.

I am a Cab girl through and through and had yet to try the Bergkelder Selection Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 vintage but had indulged in previous vintages before. It also fun to pick up on the subtle changes that occur between vintages. The Bergkelder Selection is crafted from the best grapes so top quality is always guaranteed. The Bergkelder Selection Cabernet Sauvignon 2012 is best paired with strong cheeses and winter favourites such as stews. It has a delightful blend of flavours including ripe berries, cherries and spicy oak with a soft fruity finish.

Fleur du Cap Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are available at leading wine outlets countrywide for around R75 a bottle.

This evening Fleur du Cap is hosting The Fleur du Cap Wine & Salt food demonstration that costs R150 per person including the wine, salt and food tasting and begins at 18h30 at the Angela Day Kitchen at the Lifestyle Garden Centre in Randpark Ridge. For bookings, contact Lesley Hamlyn on 011 791 1304.