Take Back Your Power! Self-Defense Class at Life Retreat Studio

Mental Health, Personal, Wellness By Oct 04, 2017

My absolute fav yoga studio the Life Retreat Studio ,is so much more than just a yoga studio. I mean they already offer Pilates, Nia, Dancing, Kiddies Yoga, Preggie Yoga, Zumba, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Bootcamp as well as Meditation and now Self-Defense classes. The minute I saw the class pop up on my Instagram I knew that I needed to attend. Why, because as a woman the skills I will learn could one day protect me and save my life. It’s a very scary and real thought that we tend to be easier targets because we are deemed weaker and defenseless. Not anymore! I’m attending my first class on Monday 9 October. And…Life Retreat Studio have kindly offered the class free to anyone who attends with me. Just mention “Abby” and you’re in. This is such an important skill to learn which is why I wanted to share it. So anyone in the Somerset West area please do come along. It is at the Life Retreat Studio which is on the Lourensford wine estate at 7.15pm on Monday the 9th!