Summer Lust List Part 4; Wolford

Style By Sep 26, 2012
So far my Summer Lust List has been a mix of products and brands that I would love to have in my closet this summer. This is part 4 and we are featuring the gorgeous designer brand Wolford. The beautiful Wolford store has some divine pieces this season. Here is a snapshot of my favourite items, to view the rest of the collection pop into their store in Hyde Park, Johannesburg.
Sleek, sexy and stylish! I am in love with this dress and everyone knows how much I adore a tailored fitted blazer.All of the Wolford collections have an emphasis on the female silhouette. Their  ready-to-wear collection has an incredible slimming effect, is elegant and sophisticated.


They also have an extensive range of legwear, from strong patterns to fine spirals in 20s design, animal prints and striking lines. How cute are the little bow prints on the left!
How exquisite are these lingerie sets fromWolford? All lingerie focuses on shape and control technology.Any brides-to-be out there? Wolford offers  magical bridal party showers, Wolford offers each wife-to-be and her party an exclusive interaction with affordable luxury at their private styling sessions offered in store, or at your home. This type of dedication to ensure that the bridal party is always served with opulence and delicacy is unmatched to Wolford, and now South African Brides are welcome to enjoy their services. Everything is exclusively tailored even styling for your honeymoon and swimwear.