Lady Gaga FAME EDP Review

Everything Beauty, Fragrance Reviews By Sep 27, 2012
Most celeb fragrances fail to impress me, they almost always are overly sweet, have a short-lived intensity and turn into a faint sour smell after and hour of two.
After all of the outrageous statements Lady Gaga made regarding the development of her first personal fragrance, I mean who could forget the “blood and semen” comment, this perfume is surprisingly grown-up.
I love that she still did something “out there” and different by creating the incredible black fluid but didn’t compromise on the actual scent.
All at once the notes hit you, sweet (not overly sweet or icky though) apricot notes intertwine with stronger, more masculine notes (incense) and the delightful saffron and honey give off a richer, more sophisticated ambiance whilst the tiger orchidea lifts the entire fragrance.
It is well thought out, balanced and a very intriguing fragrance. I really do love it and believe that this is not just for Little Monsters but will have a large appeal to women of all ages.
The look and bottle is elegant, beautiful and a little different.