Style Bar Update: Going Blonder

Everything Beauty, Haircare, Makeup Reviews By Dec 27, 2014

This month I decided to add a full head of highlights to my hair and go blonder. It is fun to change things up and hair grows back after all so why not play around and go lighter for summer!

This was taken straight after I got back from Style Bar and the light was a bit off making it appear slightly more “yellow” but the highlights I had done were a level 9 Light Beige Blonde meaning they are far more white chocolate than yellow.


I absolutely love the colour update and how naturally they have blended into my natural hair colour. I am always very cautious when it comes to trusting new stylists to do my hair colour but after the excellent service I received from Style Bar last month I knew I could trust their stylists expertise and happily took the leap.

Thanks so much to Style Bar for making my summer a brighter. blonder one! Style Bar are linked to Retail Box, a haven for all hair care products and tools, and who have launched a fun new box of goodies The Secret Box. I eagerly await the launch of each secret box, which comes out at random times but over the festive season they have three boxes available for purchase. Simply read the details section for an idea of whether that particular box might be suited to you and your hair type and then scramble to get it. They tend to sell out very, very fast!