Study Mode with Vitamin Water and McNabs

Lifestyle Section By Oct 03, 2014

I write exams in less than 3 weeks and I am nowhere near prepared enough for them. The past couple of months have been really crazy at work and my study time has been quite limited. I just need to focus this month, and it seems Vitamin Water was one step ahead as they sent me some of their new variant to try and it happens to be called FOCUS.


Vitamin Water’s new FOCUS is Strawberry-Kiwi flavoured and tastes amazing, it is enriched with Lutein and Vitamin A as well as Vitamins C, B6, B3, B5 and B12. Vitamin Water has a really fun, informative website which you can check out over here.


McNabs also sent over their new Supercharge Hi Energy bar for me to try. This yummy bar contains roasted peanuts and whey protein coated in chocolate is free from bad stuff and contains no added colorants, flavouring, preservatives and GM ingredients.

They too have a highly interactive website and even an Energy Calcultor quiz over here. I scored 0% in the Mental Energy catergory and 10% in Physical Energy so yes, these two products certainly couldn’t have come a t a better time!