Sticking to schedule without a structured routine. Possible or impossible?

Opinion, Personal, Wellness By Dec 04, 2019

With the new year around the corner and the inevitable flurry of questions about what New Year’s Resolutions they would like to make. It made me realise that so much of 2019 did not go according to any “plan” and that I was okay. In fact, it even opened me up to more opportunities and positive changes. As someone who prided herself on always having a list for everything, I’d meticulously plan my every day from start to finish. My To Do list was my everything and I’d often have actual meltdowns if things weren’t going according to plan. Routine was my safety net.

Well, life sure has a funny way of kicking one out of their comfort zone. In general, though I don’t work regular 9-5 hours, have set “off days”, even the times I work until at night before bed or when I wake up varies. Some days I have launches, events and planes to catch and whilst I am certainly no jet-setter some of these typically planned scenarios can pop-up a day before even and if one is lucky then I’ll know a week in advance. Also, many times a day will consist of four launches requiring two or three (in the car) outfit changes and then the next day the most clothing I’ll be wearing is an oversized shirt and pyjama shorts.

So how does one go from a super structured routine to complete mayhem to finding a balance between the two? After all, in 2019, there is no such thing as fashionably late, yes Cape Town, we can’t use that line anymore.