Schwarzkopf Gliss Liquid Silk Range Review

Everything Beauty, Reviews By Dec 11, 2013

This year certainly has been a Schwarzkopf enlightenment year. I admittedly hadn’t tried many of their products previously but now rank it as one of my top 5 hair care brands. I love the salon quality at such an affordable price and the ease that I can simply pick it up from my local Clicks. Clicks is basically my beauty retail candy store so I am in there a lot. So let’s get to the Schwarzkopf Gliss Liquid Silk range shall we…

Schwarzkopf Gliss Liquid Silk is the newly improved formula of the Nr.1 Silk Hair Care with Liquid Nutri Silk range.The range contains a technologically advanced Liquid Hair-Repair formula – a world-class innovation from Schwarzkopf – which contains a combination of CR-Keratin and SR-Keratin-Lipid which is designed to enrich and repair with liquid hair components both on the hair surface and within the hair structure. The range is aimed at those with extremely dry and brittle hair. It is said to offer nourishment without weighing down ones hair. So does it deliver?

Gliss Liquid Silk Shampoo: R52.99 (250ml) R66.99 (400ml)
The entire range smells utterly divine and has a very summery fragrance to it which lingers long after washing it off. The shampoo froths up nicely and a small amount will be more than sufficient for those with long hair. It cleans nice and thoroughly and rinses out easily.

Gliss Liquid Silk Conditioner: R52.99 (250ml) R66.99 (400ml)
The conditioner is quite thick for a regular every day conditioner. It feels as if it coats ones hair while washing it and can leave ones hair feeling rather thick after washing it out and drying. However even though ones hair feels thicker it doesn’t feel greasy or weighed down. I am very pro-volume so am biased towards lighter conditioners but my hair does feel strong after using this one so in that case it certainly does do its job.

Gliss Liquid Silk Express Repair Condition: R89.99 (200ml)
If your hair is prone to frizz and gets greasy really quickly then the Express Repair Condition spray is for you. You simply spray onto towel dried hair after each wash and it is said to repair each strand and refill hair cracks. I am no scientist so cannot say for certain whether I saw this but I definitely saw a huge improvement in the actual condition of my hair and it felt stronger without any grease (which is often the case with leave-in treatments).

Gliss Liquid Silk Treatment Jar: R89.99 (200ml)
Finally my star product! Schwarzkopf knows how to create treatments that is for sure. I was totally smitten with their Liquid Keratin treatment jar just slap on a little bit after washing, leave for 1 minute then rinse off and the best part is that you can use it up to 2-3 times a week without any build-up.

*Products gifted for possible review purposes