Revlon Gel Envy Perfect Pair and Diamond Top Coat Review

Everything Beauty, Hand/Nails, Reviews By Oct 08, 2016

After Nails Inc. withdrew from SA I thought I’d never find the perfect dupe for my beloved Basil Street. A nude that was so flawless that everytime I wore it I was complimented on it, it seems we all love an elegant nude shade. That was until I spotted this beauty at the Revlon launch… Revlon Gel Envy in the shade Perfect Pair.


Let me start by saying that the Revlon Gel Envy range is one of the best nail polish ranges I’ve ever tried. The Diamond top coat is the sole reason that I’ve stopped going for Gelish manicures. It’s saved me hundreds of rands and to be honest works with other nail polish brands too. It is the BEST top coat I’ve ever used and I’m not afraid to tell everyone that if they wear nail polish then they need it in their lives. It’s just that good.


These pics were taken over a week ago and I haven’t had a single chip or dent. Even though I’ve helped the boyfriend move, attempted gardening and have been overall fairly rough with my nails day-to-day. This being because I can treat them exactly like a proper Gelish LED mani and don’t have to stress over chipping they just last and last. With most of the Gel Envy colour and top coat duos I find them lasting around 12-14 days.

I must say for some reason the red/pink shades chip or fade on the tips on day 12 whereas the white/nude/dark shades seem to last longer until day 14 where re-growth forces me to remove them.

Revlon Gel Envy colours and the Diamond top coat both retail for R119 each.

P.S I’ve just seen that Clicks currently have a special on until the 9th October where you can buy 3 for the price of 2 so hurry!