A Pretty Dress Outfit of the Day

Outfit of the Day Posts, Style By Jan 26, 2014


Can you believe January is almost over?! Seriously this year needs to slow down. I had a slightly bumpy start to this year after aiming to be pro-active and take care of my health. I went for an annual check-up and after completing all tests (all healthy). The doctor left the room in order for me to change back into my clothes as I was getting off the doctors bed I felt extremely dizzy. Next thing I woke up on the floor to discover I had fainted, fell off the bed landed on the concrete floor damaging my bum bone (no squats for a while) and whacking my head against the wall causing concussion. The way I landed also caused me whiplash so I have been rocking a neck brace the past week. So much for being pro-active.

These shots were taken the day before this incident. I am so far sticking to my promise of wearing dresses more often this year. I love the pattern but call this my “pregnancy dress” because it tends to go super poufy and create a belly like effect. Which also makes it very comfortable.





Dress- Sissy Boy
Heels- Aldo
Bracelet- 4Flavour