Pizza is My BAE LookBook

Fashion & Beauty- Online Shopping, Outfit of the Day Posts, Style By Sep 26, 2016


I received this t-shirt in the mail from a reader and absolutely love it!!! Everyone who knows me or follows me on Snapchat/Twitter etc will know just how much I love pizza. I can easily devour two large pizzas all by myself and still want more.

A brand I have loved and been loyal too since I was 12 years old, Sissy Boy Jeans, sent me these awesome jeans as a thank you for featuring the brand on the blog. I pretty much only buy jeans from Sissy Boy and love the fit of the jeans. These are a little more loose than my normal style which is the 8th Wonder but are still so comfy and the denim is buttery soft. I love that with Sissy Boy jeans you feel completely comfortable and confident in them exactly how a good pair of jeans should make you feel.





Jeans- Sissy Boy
Heels- Dolce Vita