Piz Buin “Where Have you Been” Review

Everything Beauty, Reviews, Skincare By Nov 20, 2013

Summer is here and we all want to look gorgeous and golden, there is nothing better than someone remarking on your healthy glowing skin and asking “where have you been?”. Note golden and glowing does not mean burnt to a crisp or red and swollen. Whatever you skin type you should always use a sunscreen and not only on full sun days or when you plan to spend the day at the beach. No, every single day is important. Sunscreen can even aid one in achieving a healthy sun-kissed look without the nasty skin damage. Lets have a look at some options from Piz Buin to suit all skin types….

First we have my miracle worker…Piz Buin Wet Skin Transparent Spray. This truly is an amazing product in that you can apply it to wet or dry skin. This is ideal for those who are constantly in and out of the water. I also love how easy it glides on and one spray covers quite a big section (however one should never skimp on sunscreen so spray away). Not to mention it smells divine. It contains an SPF of 30 so remember to reapply regularly.

Next up there is the Piz Buin Long Lasting Active spray. Easy to use, absorbs very fast and covers a fairly large section of skin at a time this is excellent for those of you who are a bit more active. If beach days equal volleyball games or longer days means more time to hike or cycle then Piz Buin’s Active spray is for you. You won’t sweat this sunscreen off however it only contains an SPF of 20 so again remember to reapply.

I often forget to cover my lips in SPF, I mean who wants chalky white lips. This often leads to drier, chaffed and sun swept lips which also aren’t a hot look. Which is why I am besotted with Piz Buin’s Sun Stick. It tastes, smells and applies exactly like regular lip balm but contains an SPF 20 as well as aloe vera for extra care. A handy tip is to take out all of your other lip balms and lip glosses in your beach bag/ pool party clutch and pop one of these instead. If you are like me and find yourself reaching for a top up of lip balm every 20 minutes or so then you automatically find yourself applying an SPF packed lip balm instead each time. This balm can also be used on the tips of ones ears, an often neglected spot.

So you may be after a little more of a tan rather than simply protection and this is where Piz Buin’s Tan and Protect Tan Accelerating Spray comes into play. I have been using it the past few days when I have managed to indulge in a bit of bikini time by the pool and I am head over heels in love with this product. With Piz Buin you know you are going to get quality, it is a really good brand and every product I have ever used from them has impressed me. Their Tan and Protect spray is right up there at the top too. It smells so yummy. When I was little there were these long ice lollies that were in packs of two which you then snapped apart. My favorite flavour was the white one and this smells exactly like that. To me it smells like summer. After covering myself in it I have noticed quite a beautiful even tan developing and am less likely to feel the harsher effects of the sun thanks to the SPF 15 (with this one reapply often). You obviously still need to be smart when using this and not to tan in the middle of the day. I also adore how moisturised it leaves my skin feeling.

Finally for all those ladies (and men) who happen to have super sensitive skin or would prefer to rock a more porcelain complexion we have Piz Buin Allergy Spray with an SPF of 50. This is hypoallergenic and protects your skin to the max.

*Products gifted for possible review purposes