Palm Trees and Big Dreams Lookbook

Outfit of the Day Posts, Style By Aug 20, 2018

Wow, looking back to this time last year I truly didn’t expect things to be the way they are. I was loved up, stuck in a mundane job and overall grappling with some awful inner demons AKA depression. Fast-forward to now and I’m finding my career path more and more, trusting in myself, feeling amazing after taking the steps to help with my depression and the only “meh” part is being single. However, that’s okay. Working on oneself is far more important and fulfilling than rushing to complete society-set obstacles due to timelines. I’m doing things at my pace, one step at a time and so far it’s working.

That’s not to say that the first half of this year was easy but it was a challenge with positive results and I’ll take that over the easy path anyway. For the rest of the year, I’m hoping to complete some difficult self-set goals relating to education, finance, and career.

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