Nimue Range Review

Everything Beauty, Reviews, Skincare By Mar 09, 2016

Rubybox sent over a starter kit of Nimue products for me to try. The selection below is targeted at those with environmentally damaged skin types. I have used Nimue SPF over the years but for some reason I never tried their skincare products. To be honest, I’d never heard any rave reviews about the range and tend to base my purchases on online reviews rather than adverts in magazines etc. So I was quite keen to test out the range for myself.


I used their Diagnostic Tool app (more info here) to determine what my skin type was.

I received the Cleansing Gel- Which I absolutely love. It is soap-free and really helps to cleanse ones skin without leaving it feeling stripped of moisture. I have to compare it to the Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel which is my everyday cleanser.

The second product I received was the Skin Conditioner which I used only every second and/or third day. I did experience a slight sting on areas with blemishes but my skin felt more taut and smoother after using the conditioner.

Next we have my personal favourite- The SPF 40. This is a must for women (and men) with oily skin. It is by far still the best facial SPF I’ve used and I never experience breakouts after applying it, which I often do with other SPF’s. It is extremely light-weight and non-oily.

For a treatment I was given the Exfoliating Enzyme, which came with swabs as well. This helps with cell renewal and to slough away dead skin cells. I was moderately fond of this product. Yes, it does leave skin with a glow but I still felt like I needed to use a scrub as well during my trial.

The one product I disliked was the Night Fader which is a night preparation with pigment regulating, anti-ageing and hydration properties. It was too heavy for my skin and resulted in a breakout. Once I excluded this from my routine my skin was happy.

On the contrast I absolutely adore the Day Fader cream and will be purchasing this in the future. Again it is similar to a Dermalogica product which I swear by, Skin Smoothing Cream. However, the Nimue day cream leaves my skin not only feeling flawless but also looking far smoothing and “clearer”.

I have had numerous comments on how “gorgeous” my skin is since starting the trial two weeks ago. I really didn’t expect much from this range so was surprised to find products that will now have a place in my daily routine.