Nail Love; Tip Top Nails

Everything Beauty, Hand/Nails By Apr 16, 2012
I am a self-confessed nail polish addict so much so that I in fact have a slight “phobia” about having bare nails! The feeling and look freaks me out, so due to this irrational fear I always have a coat of polish on my nails.
My favourite brand is Essie but this week I got to try a South African range called Tip Top and was really impressed. I received 4 different colours and a base coat.
L-R; I luv Denim duo, In The Navy, Traffic Lights and Brownie Points.
I am a sucker for reds and browns so knew from looking at their bottles that I was going to love Traffic Lights and Brownie points, I sure wasn’t disappointed and Brownie Points is my new fav brown!
The I Luv Denim Duo appeared a little too youthful and glittery in their bottles but once applied I was seriously impressed as they look amazing and when worn with even a simple white top and jeans will make you stand out in a classic way.
In The Navy appeared bland in the bottle and I as admittedly not all that eager to try it but once I had applied it I already started mentally planning all the outfits it will look great with. I absolutely adore this colour and feel it suits my colouring perfectly as far as darker blues are concerned.
Overall I was impressed with the formula, although Brownie Points needed 3 layers to appear solid. They are very quick-drying and Tip Top has a massive selection of 90 colours and are available at Clicks stores. Value wise they are really good at only R39.99 a bottle!
I have been using the Nail Build as a repair base coat for over a week now and so far like that they have prevented any yellow staining from darker polishes and my nails appear stronger.