Maximise Your Confidence with Always Maxi Pads

Everything Beauty, Reviews By Feb 06, 2018

Always have launched their new Always Maxi pad and don’t worry it isn’t some big scary looking thing. In fact the pad fits so comfortably you don’t even know it’s there! And don’t worry your favourite pair of undies are still protected and there is no chance of spillage with these awesome pads. As a women I feel we shouldn’t be silenced, we should all feel comfortable and happy to talk about our periods and our experiences. Yes, periods aren’t always fun but they should never get in the way of you living your life to the fullest, each and every single day.

When I received these Always Maxi’s I instantly connected with the message they were conveying. As a woman it is important to break the stereotype that young women are delicate and fragile, we are super strong and tough. We can break those stereotypes and defy expectations.

With Always Maxi I don’t have to stop moving and can keep breaking down those barriers and becoming the best I can be. They give me the confidence to do more and move more during a time of the month that used to always be “rest” days. Do I want to have to rest on those days? No ways!

Always Maxi utilises new flexible top-sheet technology, which significantly increases softness while providing maximum security. The new Smart Lock System allows for faster absorption, providing up to 100% protection so that you can focus on life.

I was also thrilled to learn that in 2016 Always announced that all Feminine care owned production sites have achieved zero manufacturing waste to landfill.

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