L’Oreal sent me this super cute new Miss Manga mascara to try out and it couldn’t have come at a better time since I had just used the last of my beloved Elizabeth Arden Lashing Enhancing mascara.


Let me start by saying I am very critical of mascara, to me they fall into three categories:

Panda eyes Which are useless and either A) slide off ones eyes thereby creating a panda look or B) are so dry that you would have better luck applying charcoal.

Meh- These mascaras look okay but all in all are just “meh” and I wouldn’t repurchase…most mascaras fall into this catergory

Ultimate Mascara- Lets be honest here, you guys don’t need to know about the bad or boring beauty products out there. There certainly are enough of those. So on the blog I will only feature products that work and stand out to me. This means that in my books the L’Oreal Miss Manga falls under my Ultimate Mascara category and here is why…

The whole point of the Miss Manga mascara is to create awake anime-like eyes. It is light weight in formula and lengthens ones natural eyelashes creating a false lash effect. It does not clump nor does it thicken ones lashes. If you prefer the thicker lash look then this might not be the mascara for you.

However for wide awake eyes and long, long lashes it is amazing. After applying it I couldn’t help but take multiple selfies to see if the effect was visible and it looks as if I have falsies on. Sometimes thick mascara can make my eyes feel heavy and scratchy but this feels so natural that I often forget I am even wearing mascara. Although generally I only apply two coats of mascara, any more and you are bound to clump slightly.


I also like that the wand is flexible which helps with application.

L’Oreal Miss Manga mascara is available from Clicks and Dischem stores for R149.95


  1. I’ve seen some very mixed reviews about this one, so I guess I’m going to have to try it myself as well to find out if it works for me :o) Xx

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  2. It really is a product that is either a hit or a miss…for length it is superb but for thickness it is pointless. So really depends on ones preference and natural lashes 🙂

  3. Looks like I will like this one! I’ve suddenly started appreciating mascara that is a bit drier and more defining and less volumising, because the volume ones tend to clump on me. The Gosh length n build is also really great. I can add five layers and it doesn’t clump, but it gives really nice definition. When I get through my Chanel mascaras I’m going to give the mIss manga a try!

  4. Looks cute!

  5. I HEART this mascara! Eyes do look very manga with this on, and it grabs the teeny tiny bits of eyelash on the inner corners!


  6. I am always amazed at how many mascaras continuously come onto the market – how many do we really, truly need? And yet… I am one of the suckers who will try it – just in case it does what it promises to do. Volume. Length. Falsies. etc etc etc…
    Thanks for the review

  7. I’m all about length and will be trying this one out

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