Limited Edition DKNY Be Delicious Art Fragrance Reviews

Everything Beauty, Fragrance Reviews By May 30, 2013
Over the last two weeks I have had quite few technical glitches, which is why there have been fewer posts. First off my laptop’s charger stopped working and that took some time to find a new one, then this week none of my photo’s wanted to upload. Hopefully all will be up and running perfectly from now on! I am almost done with exams, just one more to go but am simultaneously busy with a web design course which has me itching to do a blog overhaul and add more elements etc.Anyway enough rambling and onto the review… DKNY Limited Edition Be Delicious Art fragrances.

It was nearly impossible for me to get a proper shot of these adorable bottles because of the reflection, all the lids have the same pattern on them; with Be Delicious Golden’s being gold of course.
DKNY has launched a one-of-a-kind fragrance collection inspired by the art of Keith Haring. Keith Haring’s belief was to make art accessible to all, to create “art for everyday, art for everyone”
DKNY Be Delicious Art
Be Delicious Art is my absolute favourite. However, overall I was impressed by how lovely each scent was and I have the urge to go out and stockpile some of each they are just that divine. This fragrance is fresh and dewy with a definite crispness to it. It is very chic and feminine with a lasting scent that never overpowers. With strong crisp green apple notes lined with lychee, blackcurrant and mimosa all enveloped in a soft base of cedarwood and musk.
DKNY Fresh Blossom Art
This is your floral bouquet but instead of dated notes you have modern crisp accents of cassis, freesia, rose and magnolia with bursts of pink grapefruit and red apple in a base of musk and sandalwood. I have found myself reaching for this on days when I feel like being more feminine but still have that chic element.
DKNY Golden Delicious Art
The boldest of the bunch. This fragrance is perfect for night-time or on cooler days when you want to make a statement. The syrupy sweeter elements of mango nectar, raspberry and bergamot are very present at first but fade off into a beautifully balanced bouquet of white florals …gardenia…orange blossom…and dewy muguet ensconced in apple blossom, sandal wood and amber crystals.
This is one collection that hits all the right notes and there is certainly one, if not all of them suited for every preference. They will be available in June 2013 retailing atR650 for50ml. The fragrances will be exclusively available from selected Edgars and Red Square stores.*Perfumes gifted for possible review purposes