Letting Go Lookbook

Fashion & Beauty- Online Shopping, Outfit of the Day Posts, Style By Feb 08, 2016


Sometimes it’s best not to fight against things changing and instead allow yourself to go with the flow instead. The same can be said for allowing au natural hair to do its thing in Cape Town wind! I’ve gone back to my roots in a way and am heading for more lowlights and have since gone for the chop and am now rocking a lob. It feels so freeing and more comfortable. Aside from the positive change…I also have experienced many negative things the last two weeks. Including a break-in that resulted in this beautiful Michael Kors bag being stolen as well as my laptops, cameras, harddrives and pretty much everything else that I owned. It was a harrowing experience but I realise that even the sentimental things like my deceased dad’s watch being taken hold only the value in my mind and not really in the things themselves aside from their monetary value. Most of the things can be replaced and the sentimental ones that can’t will always hold a place in my mind and my heart and therefore cannot truly be taken away.