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Outfit of the Day Posts, Style By Jan 12, 2015


I may have a certain style which I tend to have preference to but for the most part I enjoy the fluidity of fashion. It is ever-changing and so is ones opinion of it. I recently read my blog from start to finish reading every post with a fresh perspective. At times it felt surreal like I was a regular reader looking into a foreign world (did I really wear that and like those?!) and other posts sparked such intense memories that it barely felt as if a day had passed since it happened. I want to do a regular Throwback Thursday post on my Facebook page because some posts I feel deserve a second glance and over the past 3 years I have reviewed a great number of fantastic products which may have been overlooked at the time so do give my page a follow.





The previous day I had my monthly appointment at Style Bar. I just love how professionally styled hair lasts longer and stays cleaner for longer than when I do it myself. I just had touch-up highlights placed on my roots to blend in and create a more natural effect.

After having my hair thinned out and chopped short last year I vowed to allow my hair to grow thicker once more, I have also cut down on GHDing and using heating tools as often as they not only damage ones hair but can also cause hair fall which contributes to the thinning of ones hair.

I really adore the team at Style Bar as they actually listen to my requests and execute them exactly how I had envisioned. My hair is finally getting back to its normal lushness and fullness (I am also taking a Hair, Skin and Nails formula which is working wonders, I will do a post about them later this week).



Top and Skirt- Mr P
Heels- Footwork at Zando
Bracelet- Accessorize
Handbag- Aldo
Hair- Style Bar
Nails- Au Naturel