Justine Tissue Oil: Hair Treatment and Body Butter Reviews

Everything Beauty, Reviews, Skincare By Feb 26, 2014

Justine recently sent me a big bag of goodies from their most loved Justine Tissue Oil range. When I think of Justine their famous tissue oil jumps to mind so I was pretty excited to discover they have an entire range containing it from hair products to face care.

First Up…

Justine Tissue Oil Range

I wanted to review these three body care products because they were my instant favourites so much so that I have almost used up all of the divine body butter.

First up let us start with their tissue oil with SPF25 (R210) ….it is formulated with vitamin E, wheatgerm and sweet almond oil as well as an advanced emollient blend. It is intensely moisturizing, nourishing and soothing too. The tissue oil can be used for scars, stretch marks and dry skin.

Justines’s Tissue Oil Softening Body Butter.

The Justine Tissue Oil Softening Body Butter (R195) is exceptionally luxurious and ultra-moisturizing. As I said, I am already reaching a third of my tub as I have been applying this morning and evening after showering. My skin feels soft and the healthy glow it provides is another plus. I also like that even though it is thick I haven’t sweated it off like most body butter worn during summertime. It actually penetrated and felt like my skin has absorbed it instead of just sitting on top of the surfaces of the skin.

The Justine Tissue Oil Treatment Hair Mask.

Justine’s Tissue Oil Treatment Hair Mask (R99) is another goodie. It looks like lotion and the first time I applied it I was a little afraid that my hair would end up too oily. Applied after shampooing it is best to keep in on one’s locks for at least 5 minutes. I prefer putting it on before showering and only washing it off 15/20 minutes after. My hair is reaching a length where I have become slightly obsessed with keeping the ends as hydrated and soft as possible. This treatment washes out with ease (with no icky oil residue whatsoever) and leaves my hair feeling silky and soft. I have been using it once a week on the ends of my hair.

Me-Minutes Competition.

Justine has an exciting Me-Minutes competition where you can win prizes worth up to R40 000 running on their Facebook page at the moment, click here to check it out.