I Got Fillers from Dr Clare Neser

Everything Beauty, Skincare By Nov 05, 2018

So when one even mentions the word fillers two things tend to pop into your head right? Lip fillers AKA Kylie prior Stormi’s lips or over plumped Real Housewives of… looks. However, fillers are used in so many places and most of the time if done properly then they are hardly noticeable but do make an overall difference.

Let’s clear the air, I did not get fillers in my lips. I’ve never had an issue with my lips and since my mouth is naturally small over-blown lips would just look silly. Perhaps I’d consider a tiny bit on the one side to balance out my skew smile but it doesn’t bother me and at the end of the day it’s about how one feels about themselves.

In saying that I have had SO many messages and emails regarding fillers and predominately from younger women. That makes sense since my readership steers towards that demographic but also because of social media. Social media has made non-invasive treatments the norm and with good reason. Fillers generally, however, are not cheap. I had 1ml injected into my chin to slightly elongate it and also a tiny bit along my jawline. Has it made a difference, yes! I would perhaps consider a tiny bit more next time but at R6500 a pop it isn’t cheap and that is not including the consultation fee of R1000. I strongly advise that any time you have filler though you go to a plastic surgeon and someone who regularly does these treatments. Fillers can easily cause an overdone, puffy, masculine look if incorrectly placed. Which is exactly why I went to Dr Clare Neser.

Dr Clare Neser is a total stunner herself but also listens to her patients and prefers a less is more approach. This is extremely important because while fillers can be “broken down”, the formula used to break down the hyaluronic acid cannot differentiate between your own natural hyaluronic acid and the filler itself. So it’s a massive disservice, in the case, to go “big or go home”. Less is definitely more. Dr Clare Neser uses a blunt cannula to gently sculpt the areas she applies the filler. Prior to that, there is plenty of numbing and local anaesthetic so you won’t feel a thing. I did have a tiny bit of bruising but that was my fault as I’d taken an anti-inflammatory for a mega migraine a few days before.

The main question I receive is “Can you feel the filler” and this is sort of a yes and a no answer. Perhaps in one’s lips, it is more noticeable but after two days I completely forgot about the fillers and they felt a part of my face. I love the way my profile looks but I would as I said add a tiny bit more filler to my chin next time. For someone who suffers from a weaker chin though this is fantastic and an easy, safe way to achieve a more structured look. As with all injections/piercing of the skin, it is important to not apply makeup straight after as one could develop an infection but this is highly unlikely. Especially when you go to a pro!

Dr Clare Neser was more than happy to answer all my questions as well as many which you sent through to my Instagram but it if you have any further than feel free to ask.

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