Has Instagram just become an online photo album?

Opinion, Wellness By Aug 16, 2019

For me it has, and in a sense isn’t that what it was meant to be in the first place. Yes, the images were meant to be taken and uploaded “instantly”, not edited and curated and perfected with a 100 presets. At the end of the day though I feel like curating and creating appealing content is personally rewarding but the reason why I do it has shifted. There was a stage where I felt the need to keep up. Post at a certain time daily, watch my insights, plan ahead and try to work according to a theme. However, that is simply not my personality. I don’t like everything to be one boring shade of orange but if you do then that’s perfectly fine but do it for your pleasure and enjoyment. Post the photos that make you happy. For instance, I wasn’t planning to post the above picture from my holiday because the “lighting was off” and then I thought F no! I was so happy at that moment and I want it saved somewhere where I can scroll through and smile when I recall the memory, like the old days with photo albums.

I sometimes scroll through all my images and am fondly remember the good and bad times, and yes I have posted about the bad times too. Sure Facebook loves to bring up reminders of the past but I don’t want to share everything to Facebook because it feels like less of “my space” and more of a showoff platform.

My Twitter is where I am vocal, raw and less “on-brand”. Why because my brand is based around me and I am multi-faceted. I like girly pretty images and I am also going to speak up about current affairs. We all are and yet it has felt like Instagram has tried to box us all into a neatly, fake and competitive stereotype.

My blog has and always will be number 1 and yes I will share product images to my Instagram and events I enjoy. Not to brag, show off or be labelled but because what I show and share product-wise I like and want to share. Events are often incredible but there have been a few which I’ve attended and regretted because it was either falsely advertised as something it’s clearly not, is of no value to myself nor my readers or is downright a waste of time. Which is why I am so selective.

How do you feel about social media platforms especially Instagram? Do you still enjoy it and what you post?