Get Ready For Spring with Revlon

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Spring is certainly here and I don’t know about you but I am shopping up a storm reaching for every pastel and bright shaded item I see. No more boring black or grey allowed. I plan to banish my winter wardrobe away immediately.
Aside from clothing trends make-up has also moved on into the warmer seasons looks and I am really loving what S/S 2013 has in store for us! Revlon has hit all the right notes with their collection specifically the Pacific Coast Colour Look by Gucci Westman. It is a collection of irresistible island vibe products accented with acidic colours which is the essence of Spring 2013.

Here are the products I used with reviews below:
Revlon SuperLustrous Lipgloss in 235 Pink Pop R110 (Launching in November)
Revlon Lash Potion 002 Noir black R139
Revlon Baby Stick in Tahitian R99,95 from the Pacific West Coast Collection
Revlon Colorstay Eyeshadow Pan in 585 Sea Mist R165
Revlon Photoready kajal in 003 Emerald Empire
Revlon Nail Art Expressionist in 340 Pinkasso

Revlon is also relaunching their SuperLustrous Lipgloss range in the most radiant and glossy colours. I adore how non-sticky these lipglosses are and at only R110 they are really good value for money as they are also super moisturising and I find when applying even just one slick of the gloss I have no need to first apply a lip balm as the gloss provides all the hydration I need.

I am a big fan of mascaras that promote lash growth so when I heard Revlon was releasing a Lash Potion by Grow Luscious mascara I was very intrigued to test it out. I am impressed and also had my niggles with this product. On the plus side the formula glides on, stays put and does provide lengthening but to me the formula was slightly too fine and didn’t provide my thin eyelashes with enough bulk. For many this is a plus too as the thinned formula means less chance of smudges and rubbing off later in the day. It is the ideal mascara for those with oily eyelids (yes a real issue).

Revlon Baby Stick- My only true disappointment in an otherwise spectacular Spring/Summer selection. The Baby Stick can be used as a colour balm for ones lips and cheeks. The shade I received is called Tahitian and was the one I had been eyeing. Sadly none of this colour was visible once applied to my cheeks, it just seems to sit there and do nothing. The formula is quite thick and almost a matte waxy  that becomes too thick if you try to double up. On my lips it works well as a subtle (and I mean subtle) balm but again doesn’t really do anything.

One area that Revlon scores full marks in is with their Colorstay range, I am utterly besotted with every product and know when I pick up something from that range I will be impressed. My feelings remained the same with their Colorstay 585 Sea Mist eyeshadow pan. Long (16 hours) lasting and one that won’t get clumpy or slide no matter how oily your eyelids are, no primer needed. The palette is also very fun and slightly different from my usual go-to browns, in the Sea Mist palette you have a rich purple, an olive-green and a delightful bright sea foamy blue as well as a highlighter shade. I certainly need more of a tan to fully pull off such bold shades but know on Summer days I will be reaching for these shades. They make you think and feel as if you are at a luxurious resort and are some fabulous heiress (no dowdy office colours here).

Another item that impressed me was the Photoready Kajal Intense Eyeliner and Eye brightener. Thanks to Tyra Banks many years ago stating how vital an eye brightener is to creating a more awake look I often reach for a white eyeliner but the one with the Emerald Empire stick is slightly more natural and more “human” coloured so while it still has the same wide awake effect it also looks more natural and subtle. When paired with the dark emerald-green eyeliner you have a natural pop to the eye and the green off sets my greeny blue eyes making the colour appear more vibrant too. I will certainly be picking up this eyeliner duo again and again as I LOVE it!!

The final product to complete my Spring look is the Revlon Nail Art Expressionist in Pinkasso. The shades are intense and sexy they also don’t chip easily and I love how simple Revlon has made it for us to do nail art, they have even included directions. I was in a bit of a rush and have never been very talented when it comes to nail art, I barely have the patience to wait for my nails to dry after one layer so instead I decided to create a simple yet effective accent finger nail in the peachy colour. I am obsessed with these shades and I know when I am a little less frazzled I will dedicate more time to experimenting with proper nail art thanks to Revlon.

*Products gifted for possible review purposes