Gel Effect Nails with Essence

Everything Beauty, Hand/Nails, Reviews By May 28, 2015

Affordable and trendy brand Essence have now too jumped on the LED lamp-free Gel nail polish effect bandwagon and their offering is surprisingly good considering they are the lowest costing too. I know and love the Essence brand so was expected to be happy with the results but not necessarily more so than with their sister brand Catrice’s offering (review here). Essence actually outlasted Catrice’s system by a day.


I thought I would include this cute little nail oil pot from Essence in this post as well. I have been trying to take better care of my cuticles (my worst beauty habit is picking at them *shock horror*) so an oil is always important to keep them in top shape. Essence Quick and Easy Sponge Nail Caring Oil (R58) contains a sponge and you simply insert each finger into it. This isn’t the most hygienic so rather don’t share with friends! It does coat the nail bed nicely though and isn’t greasy at all.

Essence Gel nail system is a 3 step process and super easy too. Simply apply the Essence Gel Nail Polish Base Coat (R48) which dries opaque and it dries super fast too.

Next pick out any shade you love from the Essence The Gel Nail Polish (R24.99) range and apply. I tried out a playful bright pinky red shade called 4 Ever Young.

Finally seal the shine with the Essence Gel Nail Polish Top Coat (R48). The Gel polish itself is already super shiny and looks like gel when applied but the top coat is also necessary to help make your manicure last. Mine lasted a good 8 days before I chipped the side of my thumb while trying to lift some cello-tape. Overall a very impressive system and no damage to ones nails whatsoever.


I painted my nails myself and have still not a 100% perfected this skill so please don’t judge too harshly along the cuticle line. I think they look amazing