Essence Current Favourites

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Lately life has been a little crazy, well perhaps crazy isn’t the right word, I recently got an exciting promotion at my real job *pops open Moet* and this has led to me being forced to decline some great invitations. Most are your average launches but when Essence sent me this massive box of goodies as an invite to the Cape Town Carnival (which Essence and big sister brand Catrice were the official sponsors of) I was really sad that I was unable to make it. I experienced FOMO yet again when I saw just how amazing it was and my timeline was flooded with happy colourful Carnival snaps.


even though the Carnival has come and gone I still wanted to share a few of my favourite products from the invite box.

First up, these three items are from the Colour Arts range and I really liked that the clever folk at Essence decided to make a range of base coats for ones nails, lips and eyes. After spending an inordinate amount of time creating a pretty bright masterpiece the last thing you want is smudged lips and eye make-up sliding down your face. All three do a decent job of keeping your colours in place be it on the lips, eyes or nails respectively.


The next three I was genuinely blown away with. The intense richness of Miss Piggy’s Lollipop pigment is so perfect. It applies while with or without the Colour Arts Eye Base and can be applied wet or dry.

After using Urban Decay Naked 1 palette and Stila’s Into the Light palette on a daily basis I have slight obsession with adding a subtle touch of gold (think Stila’s Kitten) to the middle section of my eyelid in order to create a more awake look and make my eyes sparkle just the right amount for daytime. Essence’s 420 Talk Like an Egyptian is the perfect affordable dupe in order to achieve this look at the fraction of the price.
Last but certainly not least we have this super useful I Heart Punk liquid eyeliner pen in black. As a girl who needs at least a lick of eyeliner in order to look alive and one you was not blessed with a steady hand liquid eyeliner pens are a blessing. They help create that liquid look but are far easier to use. I was very happy to see the stay power of this was good to.


Below I swatched a thinner line as well as a thicker line. I gave it a good smudge on the top part and as you can see it did smudge but still looked fairly neat and the pigment held up.