Elvive Extraordinary Oil Range Review

Everything Beauty, Haircare By Mar 21, 2015

Oils are certainly not going anywhere anytime soon and with good reason. They work! L’Oreal Elvive have a new hair care range out called Extraordinary Oil consisting of shampoo, conditioner and a masque. This range is specially designed for dry hair and although my hair has been in fairly good condition thanks to reducing my use of heat styling tools come winter time and I know my hair will take a knocking so I have a feeling that this range will be just the thing to give back some moisture and maintain the condition of my hair.


The shampoo comes in two variations Extraordinary Oil Dry Hair and Extra Dry Hair (both are R67.95) and in the bottle it looks quite daunting as it appears to be clear yellow oil but the formula foams nicely and smells amazing. I suffer from oily roots very easily when I use products that are too rich but found a lovely balance with the Extraordinary Oil Shampoo. Day 2 and no oily roots thus far.

Elvive Extraordinary Oil Conditioner Dry Hair (R67.95) is a beautiful shimmery gold formula that provides nourishment and results in definite shine. Once again, even though it is packed with oils it isn’t too heavy on one’s hair.

Elvive Extraordinary Oil Masque Dry Hair (R75.95), I love a good masque and one that applies easy and smells yummy gets bonus points. At 300ml this tub is quite large and will last me a good couple of months if I apply it weekly. It leaves ones hair super soft and did I mention it smells really, really good too?!