Dettol Review and Giveaway

Everything Beauty, Reviews By Nov 06, 2013

So well this technically doesn’t fall into the typical beauty category, hygiene still is an important facet to beauty. I love that Dettol has completely been re-branded in the last few years and have released so many amazing cleaning products.

I am obsessed with their instant hand sanitizers. I am slightly OCD in that every single time I handle cash I have to sanitize my hands. Perhaps it is a bit extreme but seriously just thinking of all the places money has traveled and been stored makes my skin crawl. Needless to say I always have at least one of these on hand no matter where I am going. They absorb super quickly and don’t overly dry my hands. Another plus is that the Dettol instant sanitizer doesn’t damage my nail polish which I have found a great number of other similar products do.

I also got to test out Dettol’s sensitive hand wash. I won’t lie I have always been under the impression that their hand wash will smell like “Dettol” as in that original antiseptic strong smell. It really doesn’t, not even a hint of it at all. In fact their sensitive hand wash is very subtle and is so gentle it is practically soothing.

For next level hygiene fans allow me to present to you Dettol’s absolutely innovative automatic hand wash. Yes, a mini version of those sensored ones at malls to fit perfectly onto your sink at home. How incredible right?! It also comes with a full size hand wash refill that you simply pop into the placement and voila! This is so wonderful for families to avoid any cross contamination which soap bars and even pump hand washes can cause.

One can also pick up a refill in an array of different fragrances. I am currently going through a grapefruit phase and anything grapefruit scented has my name on it. So naturally I loved this refill. It is just so refreshing.

If you are also a hygiene freak like me or would like to try out a couple products from the Dettol range than you are in luck because I am giving away the below products.

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