So I finally got around to trying Garnier’s BB cream, to be honest I have never been a huge BB fan as I have already found my ultimate lightweight base (Clinique Even Better) and it works perfectly for me so why venture off into BB land.
There has been much confusion as Garnier actually have two versions of this cream the Asian one and the US version, sadly here in SA we only get the US version. The consistency among other things differ completely so when one hears all the hype about how amazing their BB cream is it is most likely the Asian version.
During the relaxed holiday when one can’t be bothered to apply a cream then foundation etc and you want to be able to slap one thing on that moisturizes as well as helps to unify ones skin, I decided this was the ideal time to test this out.
I got both light and medium just to see. As I generally have a fairer complexion on my face but as I also don’t want to look too washed out, I thought perhaps a medium would work for when I my body is bit more tanned to match.Firstly I found the shade to be very yellow, not flattering nor in line with my complexion. One has to blend a lot to create an even shade. It is very greasy but not very moisturizing which I found to be disappointing. After just an hour of wearing it I looked so greasy and it felt like a mask that I had to wash it off.

Overall I would never waste my money on this product however if you do prefer BB creams to foundation then there are far better options to choose from.


  1. I still really want to try a BB cream! x

  2. I love the garnier bb cream!! I use it everyday and just purchased my second tube. I did a eeview on my fiest impression a couple months back. Maybe it is just the difference of complexion and skin type, but I have not had any issues at all with it.
    If you are still on the hunt though I have also heard great things about the smashbox bb cream, mind you it is much more pricey.


  3. Nice review!! Would love to try this!!
    Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  5. Awww so sorry to hear this product wasn’t up to scratch. I’ve never tried a bb cream but I know I wont be trying this one anytime soon thanks for the review. xo

  6. havent tried it.
    but i want it!

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