Back To Basics OOTD

Hand/Nails, Outfit of the Day Posts, Style By Nov 25, 2012
Since exams finished I have been trying to once again get back to a normal rhythm but still feel out of sync, I didn’t realize just how much stress I was under in general for the past two months and am only now able to sleep solidly again. I usually suffer from bouts of insomnia then followed by weeks where no matter how many hours I sleep it never feels enough.
It has also felt like I just keep hitting roadblocks and so many obstacles at the moment. I have felt a huge need for change in my life even though things aren’t bad I just feel like I have changed and grown and need room to grow more.
I am over being a student and am excited to start my career path even though I still have a few more months of university to complete.
 Along with my sudden need for change I decided to chop half my hair off, it was getting way too long and in summer it is just too hot.
Lace Shorts- Mr Price
Beaded Top- Topshop
Heels- Zoom
Bangles- Aldo
Sunglasses- Elle